Heart of the City

Heart of the City

Three Stars


This is number five in the series of books, but was easily read as a stand-alone without needing too much prior knowledge of the storyline.


Detective Ari Greene has just come back to Toronto from a self-imposed exile in London after having been falsely accused and acquitted of murder with his previously unknown English daughter Alison in tow. Unwilling to return to police duty, he takes up work as a labourer for a construction company under the leadership of his good friend, who in turn, words for Livingston Fox, boy wonder developer of the construction world. That is, until Fox is found brutally murdered on the very same work site that Greene is working on. What follows is Greens reluctant return to working out the mystery of who murdered Fox on an unofficial basis as a ‘concerned citizen’ rather than on the approved police line-up.


This is not a long book and is fairly easy to fly through in a sitting or two. It’s not quite a cosy mystery, but maybe a close cousin of one. The clues are laid out clearly from the start, it’s a matter of how quickly you pick up on them and put the pieces of the puzzle together. Character development is drawn out and not very detailed, but perhaps that is because there are four previous books and more planned in which to take the series forward. The underlying progression of Alison and Ari becoming closer as a newly formed family is gently played out. There are enough characters in this book to create possible villains but not so many as impossible to keep track of.


This was entertaining enough to fill in a rainy summers day, but it does not ignite the passions to make the reader want to go back and read the series from the start.

For fans.


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