Harkworth Hall

Harkworth Hall



1752, England, The North.

And with this minor introduction we are transported to a time when King George the Second was on the throne and the latest on the fashion scene for women were dresses as wide as a doorway and the men of prominence sported those funky white wigs. The book starts off with a minor mystery as to why the birds have all flown away from the coastal area where the heroine lives and gradually winds itself into a fantasy world of smugglers, damsels in distress and a leviathan requiring a specific blood sacrifice. All very odd.

Thankfully it’s only a short book of 164 pages, and the groundwork is clearly laid out for more novels to come, possibly making it a series. But in the end it’s a mess of ideas and genres that doesn’t really make the mark. It starts off as one type of book but then misleads the reader into a weird storyline that it doesn’t sell at all well. The characters are not well crafted, the prose is clunky and in general it’s just a jumble.

Without a doubt, I am not the target audience for this piece of work.


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