1001 Promises of God

 Barbour Books


Published 1st July 2017


This is a huge compilation of great Bible verses given to encourage the believer in a handy book form.

But it has a major flaw that is hard to see past.

The Bible used to gather the verses from is the King James Version. Although it is in the top five of versions sold around the world, it is full of theeing and thouing and any number of speech styles that do not flow off the modern tongue easily, taking away from the ease of appreciation of the work.

The most commonly known Bible versions like the New International Version, or the New Living Translation, or the English Standard Version would have been a much better choice to take verses from for the modern reader to dwell on. Even the New King James Version would have been a better fit for the modern market than the King James Version.

It takes away from the enjoyment of reading and takes away from the understanding of the promises the verses are trying to highlight to the believer.

It is disappointing to say the least.



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