Girl On Point

Girl On Point

Four Stars

Girl on Point will go on sale for .99 cents from July 2nd-July 5th 2017 on



Sit down and strap yourself down folks, because you’re about to take a wild ride through the pages of a kind of thriller that will leave you breathlessly wondering what is going to happen next.

Alex is the girl who appears to have it all and in the blink of an eye loses everything she holds dear. Her younger sister is shot dead in a convenience store robbery gone wrong. The police have their suspicions, but are unable to find the evidence to lay charges and it looks as if the perpetrators are going to get away with it. Alex’s family have all but been destroyed since the death of her sister. Her mother is drinking heavily and holds Alex responsible for her sister’s death and her father is drowning in sorrow despite his attempt to keep going with life and clinging to routines and work. Alex herself is battling depression and survivor guilt.

Through impulsive decision making Alex gets hold of the police file on her sister’s murder. Inside she reads the reports and sees the photographs of the girls whom the police suspect.  Despite the serious consequences for her future, Alex sets out to change everything about herself and charm her way into the gang that killed her sister and get the evidence the police need so they can bring justice to the whole situation.

In this journey Alex almost loses sight of who she really is as a person and glides seriously close between the lines of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.  There are emotional tussles within her own self as she feels a sort of sympathy for the killers and the lives they have led so far, and yet underneath is a seething hatred and need for revenge.  Constantly throughout the book you wonder if Alex has gone a step too far and if she is going to be caught out by this gang. It is truly stomach twisting and there were times when the book had to be closed and a moment taken to calm down and deal with the ramifications apparent in the current situation.

This book looks at themes such as forgiveness, friendship and misguided behaviours to maintain the friendships and love in all its forms.  It looks at what the unexpected death of a family member does to the remaining people, looking at the grief that can destroy as effectively as a bullet. There are activities depicted within these pages that are callous, there are actions that are truly jaw dropping and there is a lot of confronting acts. It looks at the power of revenge and wrestles with the rights and wrongs of wanting to take revenge into our own hands.

One negative concern in this book was the use of the term ‘ho’ used as a sisterly teasing word between Alex and Jenny.  It seems that feminism is neglected in the decision to use the word ‘ho’, a vulgar and demeaning word used to belittle women in modern society.

Powerful, fast paced, gripping and at times almost painful to read, this short book is a ripping good yarn.  It is with eagerness we await Guerriero next book.


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