Transformed: Exposing the Charismatic Myths That Hold You Back

Christy Wimber

Four Stars


“The word ‘transformation’ here means metamorphosis. It literally means to be change from the inside out.”


In this book Christy Wimber takes us through a journey of looking at what the Christians life ought to look like if living it fully in God’s plans. It discusses how God wants to transform every part of our lives, both the good and the bad. It is a call to arms for the church to better serve the people within the church and the people in the world who are desperate for God whether they know it or not.


Transformed is not an easy book to read. It is not, for example, the sort of book you read a chapter at a time before drifting off to sleep kind of piece. Rather it is a challenging book that dares you personally in many areas of your life. It is a book to read with an open spirit, ready to learn, grow and change.


Wimber is willing to tackle topics that are far from easy, often shied away from because of their difficulty and yet are pressing issues facing the church and the world today.


Mental illness is one of the greatest issues that the church faces today in our modern world. So many people are suffering and the church is failing to be a safe place for the hurting to come and ask for healing and support.

“But mental illness is not popular; with mental illness we find shame and stigma.”

“Suffering, especially those who suffer with chronic illnesses, is not a popular topic within charismatic circles. Often we don’t mind you having the condition, but if you’re still suffering after we have prayed for you, then where is your faith lacking?”

Confronting words, and yet all too real an issue.


Another serious topic that Wimber talks about is the place of women in head leadership of the church. It has the potential to rip the church as an entity and as a group of people who meet every week apart because believers on either side of the divide are passionate about their point of view. She is careful to walk the line and speak with respect for those who firmly believe women should not be in leadership and testifies to her calling and place in leadership as a pastor.

“Whether or not you and your church leadership believe in women in head leadership, you need to be aware of the culture around you. The younger generations have no problem with who’s leading, whether male or female. …..because the younger generations do not care much about our church structures, but they do want to serve and to change the world.”


Wimber teaches that our whole lives are to be an act of worship and not just the funky music we play once a week before the sermon is preached. Everything we do and say is to be an act of worship.

“Worship is more than a musical expression; it is an indicator of what your life is all about.”

She teaches that there is a battle over our lives when it comes to worship, as satan himself was the worship leader who wanted all the worship for himself.

“The battle with worship in your own life is over who will get your attention, your affections and the glory from your life.”


This is a really terrific read. It is balanced and it never ever forgets its primary goal is for us to worship God more fully with our lives. It challenges and teaches us, it encourages and warns. Impossible to walk away without being changed, it is well worth the time and commitment to reading this book.

“The world doesn’t care about our spiritual gifts – what it seeks is hope.”


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