The Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World

wild womens guide to traveling

Kristin Rockaway

Three Stars

Published June 6th 2017


Sophie Bruno is a very accomplished business woman working for a very important consultation company based in New York who travels around the globe at the drop of a hat. Only problem is, she isn’t very happy with her oh so perfect life. She had dreams when she was a teenager that are unfulfilled. But Sophie is chased by inner demons and an over protective and involved grandmother and is too afraid to even think about what might make her truly happy.

When we meet Sophie she is being stood up by her friend Elena who has flown to Honk Kong for a rare holiday with Sophie (on Sophie’s dime) with her friend going back to the States the next morning because she can’t bear to be apart from her on again off again, currently on again boyfriend Roddy for even a week. To say Sophie is upset is an understatement. In a fit of temper she stalks off loosing Elena in the crowd and takes herself off to the nightclub area of Hong Kong to have some fun and maybe even score. Sophie doesn’t really do long term relationships, but she is into one night stands, and she is ripe for the picking after Elena’s bombshell announcement.

Which is where she meets Carson Greene. A fellow American, he is traveling the world as it pleases him, living on a trust fund that his deceased parents left him. He is an artist and a wanderer, which is squarely opposite what Sophie is. But there is something undeniable about the instant attraction they both feel for one another. It’s from here that we see the ups and downs of a relationship and what it can potentially do to a person’s good judgement.

This is a fun little novel that looks at themes of love, reality and the expectations of relationships both familial and romantic. The characters are well drawn and we understand Sophie’s decisions (both the good and the not so good) as she is swept away into a first real love situation. We get to live the fantasy and the reality of living life as a back packing traveller and as a person with serious financial commitments. It also looks at what makes a good relationship and the concessions one has to make in a relationship, and not just a fling. It is a little unrealistic about taking a chance and turning your life around as the path Sophie takes comes a little too easily. But that’s what a novel of this sort is and that’s what you read it for. It’s a fun and frothy look on life that always has a positive spin.

This is fun and fuels the desire in all of us to live life on our own terms, doing what makes us truly happy. It’s not going to change the world, but that’s not why you read this kind of story. It is pure entertainment and it’s just lovely.



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