A Cunning Heist

a Cunning Heist

Astrid Arditi

Four Stars

Horary! Sloane Harper is at it again with her seemingly inept attempts at being a detective and the final result is another fantastic romp to enjoy from Astrid Arditi.

Arditi has created the hilarious American character in Sloane Harper who is in her early 30’s, a divorced mother with two young daughters living in London, dependent upon her ex and his alimony payments. Somehow she manages to be smart and yet daft all at the same time. We are privy to Sloane’s inner thoughts that are truly hilarious with just the right amount of snarkiness. At times, one wishes that Sloane were more than just a character in a book and were real so she could be a friend in actual life, as it would certainly be an adventure. It would be, in a manner of speaking, an absolute hoot being Sloane’s friend.

In this latest escapade we are reintroduced to Sloane’s life and some characters from her first escapade. Kate, who is Sloane’s ex-husbands ex- girlfriend, contacts Sloane hoping that her contact with Ethan Cunning, a police officer, can help find a friend who has gone missing. Surely this sentence alone shows the comic potential found in this book? Sloane somehow manages to wheedle her way into the middle of another dangerous situation even though she is told time and again to stay away and not go searching herself for the missing man. And once again, Ethan is there to rescue the damsel in distress who believes she doesn’t want or need any man to save her.

There are themes of friendship, what makes a family and expectations on people within society found within this novel. There is a good look at how we judge people without fully knowing their story. It is not a mindless frolic from go to woe, but has times of real insight and questioning of society and its behaviours. The romantic relationship between Sloane and Ethan is restrained and yet bubbles away merrily after a rocky start, but it never becomes the sole focus of the novel. Rather, it promises good things yet to come in new adventures.

This is an entertaining series and one can only hope that there are a lot more of Sloane in the future to enjoy.


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