After Jodie

After Jodie


Barbara Whitnell

Two Stars


This is purported to be a mystery romance novel, but what it really is a half-hearted attempted at a mystery that leaves key components out of the story and leaves a lot to be desired.


Prue is supposedly the best friend of Jodie, who has mysteriously died in a tragic cliff landslide accident but is the last person in the town to find out through the grapevine. She is the mother to two year old Jamie, the child she conceived with a pathetic no-hoper that she married too fast and who then left her after leaving her deep in debt, high and dry as a single parent living in a friends cottage basically rent free. Jodie worked in a super fancy hotel in her village and after much inner searching Prue takes over her job which is a perfect fit because it was so close to where she lived and childcare could be conveniently worked out. It’s at this fabulous hotel that Prue notices that there are some things that are not quite kosher with the staff and takes to playing detective to try and work out what really happened to Jodie. Also part of the story is a loose love story between Prue and the brother of another girlfriend. That’s it. That’s basically the story.


It feels as if this is just a first draft and that much of the detail has been left out of the story that the author neglected to put in during later edits. There is little to no anticipation in the mystery part of it. The love story is weak and I don’t mean the feeling weak in the knees kind of weak. Rather, it is just a so-so with a little bit of heavily disguised hanky panky in the mix. The drama highlight involves a gun and a child, but even that isn’t enough to rouse any real emotion in the reader. This book is devoid of any real excitement and sadly, it inspires little more than a ‘meh.’



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