The Sacrament of Happy – What a smiling God brings to a wounded world

The Sacrament of Happy

The Sacrament Of Happy – Lisa Harper

The Sacrament of Happy is a sweet little book full of laugh out loud moments, deep insights and Biblical truth. It can be read in a couple of hours easily and you will not be bogged down with more questions than answers it offers.


Happy. The word itself conjures up idyllic images, doesn’t it? Like a toddler in overalls splashing through puddles while gleefully chasing a frog…. The kind of word a middle school girl might doodle in her diary with big loopy p’s and a flower woven into the tail of the y, right?


Harper asks the question of what is our view of God. Is He a stern, gruff face full of authoritarian anger, or is God a smiling, joyful, happy being that we view with kindness? God is most often described by Christians as holy, but very rarely happy. And it’s that very mindset that Harper wants to challenge and change. She explains through the exegesis of different passages in the Bible how the original words written in Greek meant the word happy, and how it changes the whole view of the passages to what we generally view it to mean.


There are actually thirty-seven references to ‘happy’ in the Old Testament and forty-eight in the New Testament. Randy Alcorn’s book…notes more than 2,700 pages where terms related to happy – gladness, merriment, pleasure, celebration, cheer, laughter, delight, jubilation and feasting – are used.


Harper asks questions such as is God happy, is being happy even holy, is happiness an absence of sadness and can happiness change the world. She answers the questions with stories from her own life as a busy single mum of a little girl with HIV to looking at stories told in the Bible and how they related to the truth Harper is trying to teach.


Easy to read, full of things to explore further and learn, Harper shares stories from her own life to give greater impact to what she is teaching, which are often hilarious. She asks questions such as if its possible to be happy even after horrible things have happened to us or to the ones we love and treats the topic with gentle tenderness. She gives examples and backs up things Biblically. This is a great book to read, ponder and then act upon

While God doesn’t need us to be happy, He chooses to include us in His joy.







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