Paris in Bloom

Paris in BloomParis in Bloom by Georgianna Lane

Let’s just be up front and totally transparent before we go any further. I am a sucker when it comes to photography books about flowers, France and Paris in particular. I am a Francophile who lives vicariously through the journeys of others. Put a book about Paris in front of me and watch me melt. And this book is no exception.
Page after page of wonderful photographs about everything I dream of Paris to be. Inside we have chapters on parks and gardens, floral boutiques, market flowers and floral displays. Lane takes us on a visual feast of all things beautiful; with sumptuous spreads of the gloriousness that is Paris in the Spring and Summer. And that is probably the one missing point of this book. The seasons of Autumn and Winter are bypassed completely. I can’t help but think that even in the drabber months there would still be a lot to photograph in a city as lovely as Paris. Who knows, maybe there is a second book coming out on those months exclusively. Wouldn’t that be a treat?
There are introductions to each chapter given that use words to mirror the splendour of the images. We are given photo after photo of gloriousness that screams France, from house number plates, roadways, store fronts, Haussmann buildings, balustrades and of course, the Eiffel Tower.
If you dream of another life in Paris then this book is absolutely for you. It’s magnificent and striking and transports you to the City of Love in a floral whirlwind. Lane has created a book full of exquisiteness. It’s the closest I’m going to come to walk the streets myself for the next little while.

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