Wait For Me

Wait for MeWait for Me by Caroline Leech

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Its winter 1945 and Lorna is almost 18, living on her fathers farm with Land Girl Nellie. Her two brothers are off fighting in the British Army and there is work to be done on the farm., Without warning her father takes on German POW Paul Vogel as a farm hand.
This isn’t an insta-attraction, in fact, there is quite the opposite because Paul has extensive burns to half his face that take most people by surprise. After a shaky start a friendship does eventually blossom into love. This causes Lorna no end of personal trauma questioning the rights and wrongs of falling in love with the enemy when her brothers are fighting against the enemy, whom she feels she is betraying.
There is a disturbing scene in which a US soldier is up to no good as far as Lorna is concerned, and a generalised story of who the British men felt about ‘competing’ with them. It also looks at the personal devastation the US soldiers left behind them when the war was over. It does tackle the issue of hostility the German men experienced because they had become involved with local girls.
The story is well written and the accent of Paul comes across the written page well. This novel explores the reality of hating another nation as a whole and yet finding the individuals a different matter.
I noted with pleasure that the author had tried to make the story as true to life as she could, using real places and events of the time.
A lovely book.

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