The Loving Husband

The Loving HusbandThe Loving Husband by Christobel Kent

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sold as a psychological thriller, this book failed to leave a lasting impression on me.
Fran Hall is married to Nathan and very early in the piece she finds his gutted body outside her home in the middle of the night. Fran is elusive and difficult to bond with as a main character. Sure you feel bad that her husband has been murdered, but that’s about as much sympathy you can muster for her because she is just unknowable. There is very little in the way of character development, making it much of a blagh kind of read.
And what we do discover about Fran herself isn’t all that interesting. She is just some strange ghost of a woman not really involved with her husband in an intimate manner, doing things his way because he said so. She shows no real interest in finding out about the man she married and the father to her children; its like she was happy to marry and stranger and keep it that way. But perhaps that’s the most compelling part of the story, the slow revelation that she is being abused by Nathan. Not in a physical manner, but emotionally, socially, financial and some might say sexually also.
The so called plot twist and the big reveal felt kind of empty. The choices and behaviour of Fran were odd and sometimes it felt like situations happened purely for adding ‘dramah’ to the book rather than eliciting deep psychological thrills.
This book is an OK read, I don’t resent the time I invested to read it, I just wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this book.

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