Never Coming Back: a tale of loss and new beginnings

Never Coming Back: a tale of loss and new beginningsNever Coming Back: a tale of loss and new beginnings by Deirdre Palmer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story looks at the many ways grief, guilt and loss makes us react to it and how it touches upon all our relationships. Layla carries the heavy burden of feeling responsible for her best friend Danni’s death.

Melody and Reece appear to have come to terms with their daughters death, but cling unnaturally to Layla, her best friend and daughter substitute.

Kate is a counsellor who appears outwardly to encourage Morgan, her boyfriend to fulfil his dreams and become a writer, but is emotionally pulling away from him.

Layla feels deeply guilty that if only she had been there with her friend rather than skipping off to be with her boyfriend, that her best friend wouldn’t have died.

A fluke meeting between Layla and Morgan has the potential to be something wonderful if Layla can just get past her guilt.

This is primarily a book about finding forgiveness, what it takes to make a relationship work and when its time to let go of false ideas. Told in the current day with occasional flash backs to the night of Danni’s death, this gentle book explores forgiveness in all its guises.

Easy to read, the twist will leave you heartbroken. The characters are well written and wonderfully human. It is a slow paced book that has romance and mystery in equal parts.



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