To Clear the Air

To Clear the AirTo Clear the Air by Mechtild Borrmann

translated by Aubrey Botsford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a clever murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. Set in Germany near the Dutch border we go back to 1967 and then jump to the 2000’s with small chapters taken from unknown points of view that lead to an introduction to families in a village long known to each other, but with no love lost between them.

It takes several chapters before the initial murder of an older man is committed and the police officers are finally introduced. Peter Bohm is the lead investigator with his team of Van Oss and Steeg and together they work to try and solve the murder of one man when three days later another murder is brutally executed. It seems the good towns folk know more than they are admitting to and its difficult to put the pieces together. Then it becomes a race against time before the killer strikes again. Against this great mystery we have the chance to look into Bohm’s private life as he tries to work out if his wife Brigitte has left him for another man.

All this makes for a really engaging thriller that has many twists and turns. Borrmann is a German author who has written several crime novels to date, more of which will be translated into English I hope. The characters, although sparingly written are engaging and believable. The detectives are not so jaded with their work that they have become blasé about the murder of another person. The chapters from the perpetrators point of view are chilling. It is a crime spree with its trail leading back to a crime from thirty years ago, one in which to town folk are reluctant to talk about.

This was a really enjoyable read.

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