SugarSugar by Kimberly Stuart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Charlie Garrett is a whiz when it comes to butter and sugar. She is a pastry chef extraordinaire. After not seeing exactly eye to eye with her current boss she moves from the restaurant capital of the world, New York to the laid back town of Seattle to become Head Pastry Chef at her former boyfriends new restaurant Thrill. Seattle happens to be where her best friend Manda lives, who is happily married with three kids and a personal worry that Charlie is missing out of a full life because of her dedication to her job. Worried enough to set her up with Kai Malloy, a handsome cook and owner of his own diner that she knows. Cue the sparks of attraction. Then we discover that the former boyfriend has lured Charlie to his restaurant not so much to be his pastry chef but to be his co-star in a reality TV series. Life goes on from there.

Charlie is a great character; not perfect, but prone to making snap decisions and being a little neurotic about food and hygiene. She is annoyingly beautiful but she does have to work hard for the perfect body she has. The attraction between Kai and Charlie feels real. The utter madness of a commercial kitchen rings true. Kai is a cool customer who balances the high strung Charlie out. And the frantic busyness of Manda dealing with three young children is a real treat to read.

Kimberly Stuart is a Christian author writing good fictional work. There are a few expletives in the book but nothing to get too worried about. There is also an absence of preachy test that so often clutters up ‘Christian novels” which is actually refreshing. The romance wouldn’t be embarrassing if your grandmother picked up the book to see what you were reading.

I really enjoyed this introduction to Kimberly Stuart’s writing and eagerly look forward to her next offering. She weaves a delightful, classy romance that will hit the sweet spot for many readers.

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