On My Way Home: A Hospice Nurse’s Journey with Terminal Cancer

On My Way Home: A Hospice Nurse's Journey with Terminal CancerOn My Way Home: A Hospice Nurse’s Journey with Terminal Cancer by Joyce Hutchison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This sweet book is written by a woman dealing with terminal cancer. It takes you through a journey from diagnosis to death. It is a gentle book, much like a cyber hug from the author to the reader. It never falls into maudlin sadness, rather it is a positive piece on getting ready to die.

Simply written, it never belabours Hutchison’s Christian faith, but it is expressed clearly in this book. This would be ideal for people in Hutchison’s situation, for both the patient and the associated family. There are plenty of passages that I found myself relating to as I relived my personal journey with cancer.

Joyce is your typical woman; a wife and mother of three, grandmother of nine. What follows in this book is a brief journey in the battle to live. She talks about not being ready to leave her family, the toll the cancer took on her marriage and the way her family rallied around her.

There is a particularly touching part of this book that likens death to birth. That a baby may be frightened when the labour pains begins, but it leads to a great new adventure. Similarly death can be seen as frightening or it can lead to a whole new adventure.

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