A Cunning Plan

A Cunning Plan (Sloane Harper Book 1)A Cunning Plan by Astrid Arditi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sloane Harper is 32, freshly divorced from Tom and has two daughters, Rose, eight and Poppy, four. She’s American but lives in London. She’s a full time mother with Claudia, her younger Polish housekeeper slash only friend and Bizzy Harper, her WASP mother who has come to the UK to support her daughter during the divorce.
Sloane is an idealistic, starry eyed woman who wants one thing in her life; she wants Tom back as her husband. Only problem with that plan is that Tom is firmly in the arms of Katherine, the free spirited nightmare on two lovely long legs. Its in staking out (not stalking!) Kate that Ethan Cunning comes into Sloane’s life. Posing as an IRS Agent, Ethan asks Sloane to watch over Gabriel Varela, Kate’s boss and apparent flower growing magnate who has been embezzling funds from the government. Of course, there is an unspoken attraction between Sloane and Ethan and even Gabriel which leads to all kinds of situations.
Sloane is a terrific character. She isn’t perfect wither bodily or emotionally. She is still finding herself even when she says she’s ‘just a mother.’ She makes wrong decisions and she is driven by her love for her daughters.
The story is fun and whilst some may say predictable, I found it entertaining. There was enough ‘local knowledge’ to make life in fashionable London feel real. There is definite character development and the inner thoughts of Sloane are brilliant – something every wronged woman can relate to. Its not a mystery that you have to work hard at to solve, but there is enough to keep the armchair cosy readers happy.
I loved this book and am eager for the second book to be released in May 2017.

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