Jesus Now: God Is Up to Something Big

Jesus Now: God Is Up to Something BigJesus Now: God Is Up to Something Big by Tom Phillips

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Its probably due to population sizes, but an awful lot of Christian books are published in the USA. And with the mindset of America being front and centre, books are published with America as its central view. The frustrating thing about this mindset is if you are reading a US-centric book in any other part of the world you tend to feel ‘so what’ about the work in the book because it doesn’t ring true for your country. Of course the truths explored in the book can be ‘translated’ to your situation in your country, but it sure would be nice for authors of Christian work to remember that their book is more than likely going to be read by a global audience. It would be nice for them to remember that God blesses more than just the USA.
With that bone of contention out of the way, Jesus Now talks about the cycle, the need for and the requirements for revival in the church. It has prayer starters written at the end of each chapter and its isn’t impossible to imagine a small home group using this book as a weekly study.
It is just a tad galling to read justification that God will create Revival in the USA (a melting pot of nations) when there are many other countries who can lay claim to the melting pot imagery. Goodness knows what will happen if revival begins in a different part of the world like Canada or Australia and not the USA!
One of the highlights found in this book is the list of organisations mentioned in the book and their web pages or email addresses’. This book takes you step by step in what it takes to pray for and experience personal (and thereby corporate) revival. With biblical evidence for each act or step it leads the reader down the pathway for a Jesus Now revival. This book uses a great deal of real life examples for each point being made, with the majority of organisations being US based. There were many times when the storyline felt repeated. There is nothing in it that goes “WHAM!” in your face with its new and startling insight, rather it read like so many other books before it.
Easy to read, thoughtful and insightful for people new to this manner of thinking, it also serves as a reminder to those who have travelled this journey a while. Not a page turner, it is best taken in small bursts with prayer and discussion with fellow believers.
This is great for elementary basics.

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