Full of Wonderment

Full of Wonderment: a novelFull of Wonderment: a novel by Josh Greenfield

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This story reads like the summer diary of a young adult in the late 80’s who spent his summer in Alaska working in a fish processing plant and then a few of his adventures around part of the state.
It speaks of a young man, happy with his own company, thinking he was in love with a girl who proves unobtainable. It speaks of a time when it was relatively safe to hitch hike around different parts of the USA. It speaks of easy flowing friendships that come and go in the matter of hours.
The more interesting part of the novel that is never fully explored is the main characters’ descent into mental illness. It is hinted at, and spoken about in vague terms, but its apparently two years in the future according to the main character’s narration, so why it is mentioned at all in this book is a mystery.
Jordan has done two years of university and has plans to go on an adventure during hi8s summer break. With a rucksack, tent and an old string guitar, he takes off from New York and eventually lands in Anchorage, Alaska. Through sheer good luck he finds himself in a small fish processing plant where he earns good money for long hours of work. He meets people from all walks of life and eventually decides to return to university at the end of his summer. It reads as a memoir of the main character Jordan, never feeling like a novel.
Not a world changer as far as literature goes, but an easy couple of hours read.

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