Cry Baby

Cry BabyCry Baby by Gloria White

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found out through Goodreads that this was the sixth Ronnie Ventana mystery, yet never once did I shake my head in confusion trying to make sense of the storyline. The characters were fresh and well written. This is what probably passes as for a cosy mystery but not one for the avid reader of mysteries. I knew the main plot line within the first chapter, and was pleased to see that I had ‘cracked the case’ before the end of the book. There were some twists and turns that I didn’t foresee in the story line which kept it interesting.
Ronnie Ventana is the child of famed cat burglars, but her parents died when she was young and she now uses her cunning skills to good use as a Private Investigator. Her faithful companion (perhaps her mentor?) is Blackie Coogan, who works along side her to solve the current mystery.
After a gap of fifteen years, Ronnie’s old school chum Analisa makes contact and shows up unexpectedly totting two children under the age of one. Ronnie assumes that the children are hers but grows worried when Analisa appears to have abandoned the children and skipped out of the restaurant. Having been put in the system briefly Ronnie is hesitant to get the CPS (Child Protective Services) involved and hides the children with a friend of Blackies whilst they scour San Francisco for Analisa. There are many twists and turns in the plot that keep you guessing, which is the best part of a cosy mystery in my opinion.
This is a short novel, easy to read over the course of an afternoon. This proved to be good enough to please the mystery sleuth in me enough that I intent to read more by Gloria White.

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