Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me HalfwayMeet Me Halfway by Kim Carmody

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Within a few pages you become aware that this book is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. Expletives fall out of the mouths of the main characters like snowflakes in a snowstorm. And there are some seriously raunchy scenes to be found within the covers. But there’s no take on instalove (instalust perhaps!) and the overall story arc is romantic without being sappy.

Nate Sullivan (22) has just graduated college and has been first round pick to join NFL team New York Warriors. Olivia Callahan (27) has been fighting her way up the journalistic ladder for six long years. Finally she is given a huge opportunity to create a half hour documentary for the massive TV series Under the Lights. But Nate is less than thrilled with the idea of having his personal life broadcast for the entire country to watch. So begins the relationship between Nate and Liv. There is instant attraction and some doubts from Liv’s point of view as to the wisdom to go out with a man so much younger than herself. And there are secrets that Nate wants to hold onto that is Liv’s job to find out. The attraction between the pair goes on for weeks and grows into a relationship. In the end, Liv gets her fabulous story, but at what cost to her and Nate?

This is a steamy romance that has several explicit sex scenes in it. The issues that Nate and Liv face feel real to life. Not an appropriate book for the uber religious or those who faint at the thought of suggestive language. The plot and the characters are very likeable which makes this a fantastic read.

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