SweetbitterSweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book is proof to me that different people have different points of view when it comes to books. Someone on BookTube raved about this book and made it sound just magical, so I quickly rushed to my library and ordered the book. I was expecting summer peaches and cool breezes and sparkles, maybe a unicorn or two, but I got tripe. I’m truly at a loss as to understand what was supposed to be so great about this book. I should go back and watch some more reviews to understand what I missed.

Twenty-two year old Tess is moving away from her humdrum life in Somewhere USA to live in New York City. She manages to land a job in an exclusive restaurant downtown Manhattan where she learns to appreciate food, wine and other alcoholic beverages. She is taken under the wing by Simone and falls in love with the original bad boy Jake and deals with the very exclusive friendship that they both possess. She falls into the world of extreme drinking and illicit drug taking. She is incredibly young and naïve and not terribly likeable.

The writing style is short, sharp and choppy. There is little to no character growth, but that might be because I just didn’t like the characters. If this is an insight into the restaurant business, its no business that I would want to participate in. The story is broken into seasons and follows the course of one year.

Not a terribly satisfying read.

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