Cancer: A Journey’s End

Cancer: A Journey's EndCancer: A Journey’s End by Prashant Naik

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The overwhelming feeling that this book leaves behind is that it not a book that has been finely honed until it became a literary masterpiece, but rather this is one bloke telling us his story. In fact, at times it reads like someone recorded a public speaking engagement and had transcribe the speech to become the piece.
Prashant Naik tells the story of how his wife Tanvi was diagnosed with breast cancer and the journey they took as a couple trying to find a cure for her. It starts by giving a brief background as to how they met, their marriage and how the next fourteen years sailed by meeting all the expected outcomes. Then the story proper begins, from the first signs of concern to the diagnosis and the medical treatment that Tanvi would undergo. He writes about tough situations such as Tanvi coping with the loss of her hair (a difficult situation for many women,) the constant fatigue and just how painful radiation treatment can be. He never white washes his wife’s journey, sharing openly the emotional outbursts, the desperation and the struggles she went through as the cancer progressed and her life became more and more out of control.
Central to this book and journey was Prashant and Tanvi’s religious faith., Often the book will speak of their beliefs and their complete reliance on God. Although never quoting Scripture directly, there is no doubt as to their Christian faith. This could be right up your alley or it could be a huge deterrent, depending upon your own personal beliefs or views.
This reads like a self published book. It lacks the finesse of a piece of work that has been edited until it is without mistake. It is a simple book giving one couples journey through a terrible ordeal to other people. But underneath this story is the unwavering and certainty of faith. This reads like a testimony rather than a biography.
This book will appeal to Christian audiences primarily.

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