Spring Fever

Spring Fever (Tales From Appleyard Book 2)Spring Fever by Emma Davies

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Normally my heart sinks when I see that I’ve picked a title in a series and its not the first one. It can be very hit or miss in regards to how enjoyable a book is if it relies too much on prior knowledge. Thankfully this book, whilst indeed being the second book in the series, gives enough hints to what happened in the first book to understand most of the references given in the second book.
Merry and Tom are the perfect example of a couple with ambition. Not content with having a newborn daughter, they’ve bought a house with a shop front that needs renovating and creating from the ground up. Their friends Freya and Sam are newly engaged and are working in their apple orchard. This book focuses on these two couples with a couple of minor characters thrown in. Also at one point the whole village to which they live in is a central plot line of the book.
The climax of the book is a little confusing in its execution but on the whole a nicely paced story with enough ups and downs to ensure that you want to continue with the Appleyard series. This is, quite simply, a cosy read to enjoy in a day. Its not going to change the world or how you view it, but it is going to offer you great entertainment, and sometimes that’s all you want.

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