A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural

A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural: A Revealing Look at Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven and HellA Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural: A Revealing Look at Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven and Hell by Jonathan Bernis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Within the first few pages Jonathan Bernis gives the reader his qualifications to write this book. He is not an ordained Rabbi within the Jewish faith, but he is a minister and he is of the Messianic Jewish faith, that is, he is a Jew who believes that Jesus was the Messiah. Serving as a Messianic Rabbi since 1984 in both the USA and Russia, he is now in leadership for Jewish Voice Ministries International.
So enough of his credentials. Jonathan Bernis begins this book by searching for answers to such questions as how did life begin, is there really a supernatural world, what is sin, does evil exist and why does it exist if God is so good? He looks at whether heaven and hell actually exist and the biggie, what is the meaning of life. The answers he gives are well thought out, logical and given from a Messianic Jewish point of view. Evidence is given with verses from both the Old and New Testaments as well as auxiliary stories to highlight the wisdom he is sharing.
Jonathan Bernis isn’t afraid to tackle issues and topics that can cause strife within the ranks of believers. For example, some people are going to get their noses out of joint for his discussion on how evolution can indeed be part of a creationist world view, which is a risky move. But he successfully supports his opinions using many other works and opinions. But some people still argue that the earth is flat, so that just proves you can win ’em all.
Written in an easy to read style using everyday language rather than overwhelming the reader with deep theological concepts, Christians or believers in Jesus will get the most out of this work. Scripturally sound, entertaining and thought provoking, this is a good read.

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