Dancing In a Jar

Dancing In a JarDancing In a Jar by Poynter Adele

This short sweet book is easy to read in one sitting. Written in the form of letters and telegrams, it gives multiple points of view.
It follows the story of Donald and Urla, a young American, newly married couple who move to St. Lawrence, Newfoundland in 1933-35 to take charge of a new mining company as a manager. It follows their steep learning curve from seeing the township as a third world place to a town of tenderness and love. It follows the relationship of Don and Urla, from their honeymoon to the birth of their first child and just beyond. Another relationship that is focused on was the one with Don and the mine he was managing, from the relationship with his immediate boss to the relationship with the miners themselves.
There are no chapters, so it is easy to dip in and out of this book. Adele Poynter captures the desperation of the times without any sentimentality. A vivid portrait of a small village is painted that wouldn’t seem out of place today. Based on real events, Poynter writes about the distress and the joyful triumphs of life in the Newfoundland town with some fictional, some actual letters from her father, whom this book is written about.
A moving tribute.

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