How I became a Famous Novelist

How I Became a Famous NovelistHow I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This brilliant novel is the perfect book for any aspiring novelist to read. Especially helpful just before starting NaNoWriMo!
Pete Tarslaw hasn’t done very much with his life, so when he learns that his previous girlfriend is happily announcing her engagement, he figures the only way to deal with this reality is to become super successful. And his chosen method to reach fame, fortune and fantastical sexual exploits is to write a best selling novel. I mean, seriously, how hard can it be?
Steve Hely takes more than a passing jab at the state of literature and the publishing world in his wickedly funny debut novel. No one is safe from his sharp wit. He makes fun of writers, publishers, teachers of writing courses, screen writers, book reviewers and more. There are even those who believe that some of the characters are based on real life people. His sarcasm is biting, bordering on caustic but hilariously true none the less.
Take the time to read this New York Best Seller, totally worth squinting to read the fine print.

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