The Last Good Girl

The Last Good Girl (Anna Curtis, #5)The Last Good Girl by Allison Leotta

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first in the series that I’ve ever read but it is number five in the series. Kudos to Allison Leotta that she write this well enough that little background story needed to be known for a first time reader to understand.
Told using a variety of communication methods – straight narrative, emails and transcripts of videos, the story unveils itself. In her first week on the university campus Emily Shapiro is at the very least, sexually assaulted by Dylan Highsmith. After putting in a formal complaint about being raped, Emily struggles to find her way through the social politics at the university. Another altercation between Emily and Dylan occurs outside a popular bar and that is the last anyone sees of Emily. As the story unfolds its revealed that Dylan has a peccadillo for drugging women and raping them. Unravelling the mess is prosecutor Anna Curtis and Samantha Randazzo, a team who have worked together previously.
This isn’t solely the story of the crime investigation but also follows the personal life of Anna Curtis in which a love triangle appears to be developing. But the romance is definitely second fiddle in this book.
There is a lot of police procedural and in court action also as the author Leotta was a former federal sex crimes prosecutor in Washington DC and she knows her subject well.
This is a book for parents, students off to college and fans of really good crime novels.

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