The Course of Love

The Course of LoveThe Course of Love by Alain de Botton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

November is non-fiction month on BookTube and although classified as a work of fiction, the narrator of this book gives enough non-fiction insight into what a relationship takes to warrant it acceptable on my mind as non-fiction.
It follows the life of Rabih and Kirsten (Mostly told from Rabih’s point of view) as to what they thought love meant as a teenager, their courtship and life beyond the saying of “I do.”
Told in five main themes, (Romanticism, Ever After, Children, Adultery and Beyond Romanticism) we have a third person narrative explain the life journey that Rabih and Kirsten go through, liberally interspersed with analysis, psychology or philosophical insights to each situation.
More than once I found myself having ‘a-ha’ moments as De Botton looks at situations from both sides of the coin. It does take some getting used to, these insights or remarks, when first embarking on reading this book, as the remarks would seem to interrupt the flow of the story. But as one goes deeper into the novel, one cannot help but gain greater insights to the situations the couple find themselves in.
“The best cure for love is to get to know them better.” page 177
Alain De Botton has written a number of non-fiction books and speaks publically about the everyday matters of life and is probably the only philosopher I’ve ever had the time of day for.
“Love is a skill, not just an enthusiasm.” page 198
I read this book in one sitting. This is a book I would highly recommend anyone wanting to have, or be in an actual relationship. Short, sharp and witty, it is, I’m sure, going to become a favoured book to stand the test of time.

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