The Rose Garden

The Rose GardenThe Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fantasy book of sorts; time travelling is involved. If you are capable of suspending reality whilst you read you’re going to love this book, if your feet are firmly planted on the ground you may struggle somewhat. Suffice to say I fell somewhere in the middle. The time travelling wasn’t done well enough to win me over.
Eva has come to Cornwall to scatter the ashes of her sister and to spend time mourning her death. Inexplicably Eva finds herself moving between time, from the current day to 1715, where she meets Daniel Butler and his Irish friend Fergal. They themselves don’t seem particularly surprised that a woman in strange clothing who says she from 300 years in the future appears. Instead they put her into a pretty frock and tell her not to talk because her language will give her away as not being from this time. And then life goes on like usual.
Despite missing her sister, Eva finds herself falling in ‘insta love’ with Daniel and is drawn more and more to him. Despite the fact that as a modern woman she was used to deodorant, equal rights, clean drinking water, no chance of dying from a common cold, pants and jeans, modern health care and tampons she was willing to live in a time where women were little more than objects to be owned by men. Sure. See what I mean – suspend belief.
I found the characters a little uninspired. I certainly wasn’t drawn to them. Daniel is a smuggler in a way only a Cornishman could be. Fergal is a mother hen who dotes on Eva. Both being ‘men of science’ seemed to have a deplorable lack of interest in the future or the very fact Eva was popping in and out of their daily lives.
This is a romance, has time travel and even a touch of political intrigue, but it didn’t really hold my interest deeply. There was very little historical information given which would have made the story more interesting.

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