The Liar

The LiarThe Liar by Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story begins with Shelby Foxworth trying to come to terms with learning that her recently deceased husband had left her in a great deal of debt. And within a matter of days she learns that he never really existed at all.

Shelby is a fighter and refuses to allow all this to keep her down; she has a three year old daughter to provide for after all. She sells up everything she can and heads back to the safety and security of her hometown and her family. But a book of 501 pages cant possibly run all that smoothly can it?

This plotline isn’t a new one by any stretch of the imagination, but in the hands of Nora Roberts it is done well enough that it is an enjoyable couple of hours to stifle reality. I say that despite knowing the major plot twist within a third of the book, so for once I wasn’t taken by surprise.

Its a little too easy for Shelby to dig her way out of millions of dollars of debt and it was far too simple for her to up sticks and go back to the well healed pockets of her perfect parents, land a job in her Granny’s day spa and land in the arms of the cute Yankee boy who is new in town. If only disaster could be so easily undone in real life. But in the end, Nora Roberts is my guilty pleasure and I love loosing myself in one of her novels. You don’t read her for realism but for escapism.

And as an escape, this was pretty good.

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