Defending Jacob

Defending JacobDefending Jacob by William Landay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did he or didn’t he? Is he or isn’t he? These are the two major questions grappled with in this book and it will leave you on your toes the whole way through.

Andy Barber is the assistant district attorney and has the perfect life; a perfect home, a perfect wife and a perfect son Jacob. They live an unremarkable life until suddenly they’re not. Jacob is accused of killing a classmate in cold blood.

We are then taken step by step through the investigation and subsequent trial of Jacob with pieces of a trial added in at random places. Things come out about Jacob that are truly disturbing. Even so called friends believe that he is capable of committing murder. There is nothing very likeable about Jacob and sometimes you begin to wonder, despite his protests of innocence, if he really is guilty. And then the thought of him getting away with it leaves you chilled.

William Landay is able to plat cat and mouse with the reader, never fully revealing the truth behind the murder. Add to the mix Andy’s own checkered past and you have a sure fire mystery. It takes a while to understand the second trial that is scattered throughout the first trial, but it is a wonderful twist of the knife ending.

Definitely worth the read.

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