Maybe I Will Write Again….


I had the tiny, infinitesimal idea for a story to write.

I’m almost too scared to even write that in case I scare it away like a frightened white rabbit before it becomes a fully fleshed out idea. But a story idea is kind of gurgling around in my mind… and I’m so happy about that it’s worth the risk to tell you and share my happiness.

I can’t wait to get back to a place where I am able to concentrate and write and read again. Claire, my Human Rights lawyer friend gave me a book called “The Goldfinch” a couple of weeks ago and until now I really didn’t think I could even open the cover. But today I feel like, if I try really hard, I might be able to make a start on it.

She says that reading it made her want to write a book and she isn’t a writer at all. That she saw the world through muddy glass and now she sees things through the eyes of the book and what a masterpiece it is. Now Claire is not the sort of person to enthuse about anything easily, she is a very stable, measure kind of woman, so for her to positively gush over the book, it must be good.

Maybe reading a great piece of literature will set my mind a-whirling and I can start writing again.

And maybe if I start the book this week it will give me something to do as I wait for the dyes to work into my system during my CT scan this week. I’m going into this scan with positive thoughts; and a notepad and pen so if the idea fleshes out a little more I will have something to write it down. Oh I can see the operator being thrilled with that kind of movement in the scanner.

I haven’t had a scan in such a long time, but the appointment is going to be two hours long. That’s plenty of time to allow the idea to come closer to me and reveal more of itself don’t you think?

Maybe I should take a carrot with me?


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