Just Another Day


It’s raining here in Ottawa today which doesn’t help my mood at all. It was glorious yesterday – 20 degrees and the sun shone. It felt good to get out of the house – we went to the Byward Market. But today is grey and wet which reminds me that winter and snow is coming and I hate the snow. Oh how I hate the snow. I just hate the brutality of the winters here. I miss the easy winters of back home. Oh who am I to kid, I miss home. I miss home so badly right now it hurts to write about it. I want to go home. Having said that, dealing with Mum’s illness and my Aunts disability will have me writing how much I miss Canada when I return home!

I’ve just made my first cup of tea for the season. I kinda lost interest in tea last winter as I was so sick with the chemo so it’s been a couple of years since I really went into my tea drinking mode. It’s odd to write that. I can’t believe that I really didn’t drink much tea last winter. I don’t remember much of last winter at all to be honest. So today I begin my winter love affair again. It’s odd to think that at the end of next month it will be the anniversary of my first chemotherapy treatment. Time is flying by.

Is it time to think about throwing away my pile of Writers Magazines? I’ve got years’ worth of them just sitting on my bookshelves. I’m never going to read them again. Heavens, I’ve been in such a slump for the last little while I have two magazines that I haven’t even taken out of the wrappers, let alone having read them, so there is zero chance of me going back through a couple of years’ worth of magazines. Wait….Is this the beginning of another cleaning phase I’m about to go through? I went through a huge clean out after my chemotherapy ended (6 months ago!) and now I’m looking around my house and feeling like the walls are bulging outwards because I own too much stuff. I think I need to go through another cleaning purge. I know of a shirt in my closet that I can get rid of… I’m sure if I looked there is more than just that one. Yes…. Yes I think there is another cleaning frenzy about to begin.

So now, the first cup of tea for the season and I’ve just lit a candle for the family room today as it’s so dark. I don’t generally light candles in the summer time as it’s so lovely and light that a candle is wasted, but today it’s just right to have a small flame glowing in the gloom. As I went to light the candle I took a couple of books out of the book shelf and tossed them into the area of my family room that I put the give-away stuff in to show that once again I’m in a par down frenzy. Feels good. And just think, if I keep de-cluttering every six months or so I should be ready to move back to Australia in a few years!