Spit in Anger and Pray for Justice


I had a rather nasty surprise on Monday when I went to check my bank account. I had tried to use my card to buy some ‘naughty’ Chinese food and was rejected and just thought to myself… isn’t my bank good to stop me from wasting my money? Yay for banks!

Turns out that some skin care I had bought online is actually run by a scam artist and the fraudulent company had helped itself to $400 of my money. Wiped me out clean. I was actually in the red by $0.05 because they had taken every last penny and then some because of it being taken in US funds from my bank account.

Oh I was so angry. I was stunned. “How could this happen to me?” I thought. How dare they reach into my account and take money from me without my knowledge, much less my permission. I stewed about it all day.

Of course I rang the bank and had a stop put on my card, so now I have to wait for a new card and PIN to be sent out to me which is a whole other bowl of trouble in that we have no access to funds until the new card comes in the mail.

After the initial outrage I had to really hold myself from thinking and dwelling on the negative because it would be so easy to do. It’s not been easy to be honest to allow anger to dissipate. I want revenge. I want my money back and I want an apology for trouble that I’m going through whilst this mess is sorted out. It’s hard to wait for righteousness when there is no guarantee of honesty as the swindlers bank could very well reject my banks request for a refund.

It would be so easy to hold onto the anger and let it fester. But I’ve had to consciously let it go and allow myself to trust that my money will come back to me tenfold; maybe not in reality but spiritually it will come back tenfold. I have had to spit in anger and then pray for justice. I have had to let go of the intense anger and allow peace to fill my heart.

It’s been a learning experience.


2 thoughts on “Spit in Anger and Pray for Justice

  1. If you have notified the bank of the fraudulent behaviour will you not get the money back after their investigation? I know when my sweetie reports this type of behaviour to the bank on his business account (to which it happens often and usually to the tune of 1,000 or more) it takes a few days then the money is returned – along with new cards.


  2. So sorry this happened to you, that is a lot of money to be robbed of. A lot of people are morally bankrupt, and will steal for the quick gain of stolen money. In the end, their wicked ways do find them out. Such a shame that this person didn’t want to be a legitimate business person, but just a rotten old thief. I am glad that you are letting God take care of your heart, trusting him for all you need, knowing he cares even when rotten stuff happens to you.


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