Rings on my Fingers and Silicone Arguments….?


I’m experimenting with wearing rings on different fingers. Where once upon a time I couldn’t stand wearing rings on anything but my ring finger and occasionally my tallest finger, now I’m wearing rings on my little finger and on my pointer finger. It’s a real departure from what I have done all my life – but I like it. Isn’t that a silly comment to put in my blog?

But back to makeup issues… you might know the answer to this one and I’d be really pleased to get your notes on the issue, but I’ve noticed lately that the skin under my eyes is starting to get tiny wrinkles in which the translucent powder tends to get caught in. UGH. Old age is finally creeping up on me damn it. OK, so admittedly I don’t notice the lines except when I’m two inches away from the mirror and staring intently, but I know the buggers are there now and I hate it.

Now I’m pretty sure the answer is I need to use a facial primer (something I’ve not used before,) but there is the whole silicone / non silicone arguments which I’ve heard about, but never actually heard for myself.

Do you have any idea why some makeup artists say not to use silicone based primers and why others sing their praises? Is it just a preference thing or is there some deep reason one is better than the other? Is there a medical reason some makeup artists say stay away from silicone? And let’s be honest, how easy is it to stay away from silicone when it’s in so many products (like hair conditioner for one) that we use on an everyday occurrence anyway?

I don’t want to add anything to my system that could be bad for it after my cancer battle, but at the same time, I don’t want to get wigged out over a storm in a tea cup.

Maybe I can parlay this into a little visit to a makeup store soon to ask the cosmeticians ….?


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