Facial Freak Out


Been watching way too many You Tube make up peeps and artists and seriously, I’m not sure how I ever left the house without a full coverage, full face of war paint on.

Just kidding. I’m really not that shallow.

Not. Really.

I go out of the house all the time without makeup on, I just have to question why now. I’ve been taking a lot of photos (to learn the planes of my face – of which I don’t have any!) and I can see what I do and don’t need to put on. It would appear that I really need to adopt the full coverage of everything kind of makeup style.

I have no bags under my eyes, but I do have huge circles, and I can’t work out if they blue or purple based, they just show on my face as shadows. I appear to have yellow toned skin, and all this time I thought I had pinkish hues because I’ve got red undertones in my hair. I can’t figure out if you are supposed to put concealer on underneath or on top of foundation, it really depends on the makeup artist you watch. My nose is too broad meaning I should learn facial contouring, my freckles too plentiful, I still can’t get my eyeliner to flick evenly and as for fake lashes… girlfriend those things scare the hell out of me!

I just can’t figure out how I got to this stage in my life and feel like I still know nothing about makeup. Skin care I’m more confident of, but this whole making up the face lark…. Wow. I am so out of my depth.

I think I need to stop flittering from one artist to another (getting more and more bamboozled) and stick with one or two and learn the tricks of the trade from them. And it would probably help if I sat down with my make up more often and played with it on my face instead of just admiring the pretty packaging. Yup. That would probably make a difference.

More importantly I need to remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made just as I am. That would help when I have a facial freak out.


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