Review of Mild Papaya Peeling Scrub from The Face Shop


I used for the first time the mild papaya peeling scrub from The Face Shop yesterday. This company is from Korea and has a global reach with stores in 29 countries around the world. I believe it came to Canada just on a year ago and took over the Fruits and Passion location in the Rideau Centre.

It comes in 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz. pump pack and I call it a scrub even though on the packaging it isn’t described as such. It’s a simple white container with a black pump system and a picture of a papaya on the label. The lotion is creamy white in colour and the smell was mild and pleasant, if maybe slightly soapy in a fruity way. The gel like consistency was easy to work with on the skin and becomes almost watery as you work it into your skin. This product wouldn’t be useful to take off cosmetics, but rather it to be used after cleansing the skin.

Initially I was somewhat hesitant to use the scrub on my face (I tried it on the back of my hand in the store) as I’ve had bad experiences before where the lotion is too harsh but I bought it primarily to work on the pores in my T zone as they tend to get dirty easily and need something with a bit of power to it. I did wonder if the lotion itself was what was producing the little gobules of gunk but repeating the scrub a few times resulted in less and less globules so I think that maybe this product really works as it claims.

It wasn’t hard on my sensitive facial skin as I feared it might be and it scrubbed off what can only be described as yucky white chunks from my skin without it feeling as if it were stripping my skin raw. After washing off the remaining gel with warm water my skin had no tell-tale tingling which is often the case when products are made to scrub the skin and I felt my skin was soft and not at all red or irritated.

The scrub was CAN$17 + tax and is a good budget range skin care product.


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