My First You Tube Video

you tube image

So today I filmed my first five minute video for You Tube and it only took me 90 minutes of faffing around to get it done!

Sheer brilliance wouldn’t you say?

What with makeup and getting the room looking right, finding the right angles and whatever it was a long process. I can see why people who are prolific on videos tend to do bunches of them all at once and then edit them and put them up day by day. And for the record, it’s really hard to balance a camera on a box in a pulled out drawer; I really need to get a tripod asap.

It’s a lot of work to get it looking halfway right. One video I did was great but the outside noise was so loud that it was distracting – FAIL. There were times my dogs decided now was the perfect time to have a mini gladiator fight to the death play fight underneath my feet – FAIL. Another time I got started and clump clump clump up the staircase came Bronwen talking to herself – FAIL. Now I’ve got five minutes of what I think might be decent enough to put up and if I can pry Bronwen away from the computer tonight I’m going to try and upload it and put it up for the world to watch….arrrrgh!

It was nerve wracking being in front of the camera. I just watched back the video I did and there are so many other things I wanted to say and things I’ve omitted… gaaah. Now I don’t know whether to just put it up on You Tube and get past the first video fears that have had me terrified to even have a go or if I should erase and start again. I’m the kind of person that if it’s not perfect (or as perfect as I can make it) I tend to hit the erase button and think of starting all over again.

And again.

And again.

And once more for good luck. It gets to the point I never get anything done because it’s simply not good enough.

So maybe I should just post it on You Tube and not tell anyone about it.

Yes. That’s the perfect way to go.


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