Being a Mummah Means Staying Up all Night

So with it being summer holidays and all I partied with Bronwen until around 5:30am and then I was like…nope… I’m tired and I’m going to have to go to bed.

Bronwen hasn’t been to bed yet. She is powering on like she has no off button. Oh to have the staying power of a ten year old! I am impressed but I’m pretty sure she will crash heavy and hard tonight. Makes me somewhat fearful for when she is a teenager and is able to stay up for hours and hours – I foresee a lot of late night waiting for me for her to come home in my future.

And just for the record when I say partied I mean I was watching You Tube videos and she was playing Minecraft but we were happy in each other’s company. We even cracked open a bag of Aussie lollies (Snakes) at 5am. I was hoping the sugar rush would help me push through but in the end I just went to bed feeling slightly guilty for eating lollies at 5am instead!

The end of summer holiday is already looming and I’m feeling like this can be the last week for being so silly as pulling ‘all nighters’, which is a depressing reality to have to face. I never thought having a ten year old could be so much fun. Having Bronwen as a baby was so brilliant I didn’t think anything could top it, and then having her as a young child was amazing but having her growing up and becoming her own person has just been a delight to watch. I’m excited to see how she develops as a young woman in the years to come. I already see a feisty, independent, caring feminist in her which pleases me no end. Who would have thought that having a child would be such a gift on so many levels.

I am a lucky Mummah.


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