Amy Winehouse

Has anyone seen the movie Amy?

Now I admit to never being a huge fan of Amy Winehouse’s music – it’s just generally not my style – but I saw her for the precocious talent she was. And seeing the trailer for the movie has left me wanting to go see the movie.

I’ve seen feminist websites talking of how Amy died due to men in her life using and abusing her. I have often wondered where the women in her life were during the tumultuous times that she lived through. Would they have been better able to get through to her the incredible strain she was putting on her body with the drinking, drug taking and bulimia? Why did her father seem to factor in her life as an adult so heavily when he wasn’t there for her as a child? And did anyone ever challenge her and her ex-husband as to his bringing her drugs when she was trying to succeed at rehabilitation? Surely they did. You couldn’t be close to her as a person and not say something when her life was spinning out of control.

Apparently her father is less than impressed with how he has been portrayed in the movie, claiming that the director set him up as the villain in Amy’s life. The movie was originally commissioned by the Winehouse family but then rejected because it didn’t paint them in the nicest way; I’m tempted to say tough titties. It seems to me that people surrounding her saw Amy as a way to make money and didn’t seem to care about the person behind the talent.

And isn’t it somehow sad that people are still making money from her talent when she has been dead so many years? Am I, by wanting to see this film, part of the problem? Am I condoning the way the music industry and the media treated an obviously troubled young woman by paying money to see this movie? Would it be more respectful to Amy’s memory to not go to the picture? But isn’t going to the movie a sign of respect to the talent I thought she was?

Hmmm, this feels like a chicken or the egg first kind of question and I’m really not sure of the answer.


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