Origins Face Mask Review



I’ve been using the facial serum from Sephora for around a week now and I am not sure if my skin is softer or not. If I’m being honest I would have to say probably not as it realistically is a two month commitment of using a serum before any changes can be really seen. Poopers; I wanted some instant payback being the impatient being that I am. I should do a face mask and see what kind of difference that makes on my skin because they tend to be instantaneous.

Now there is an idea. I’ll do a facemask.

Anyone ever used Origins products before? It’s the first time for me. I have fairly normal skin with an occasional oily T zone, where most of my black and white heads gather. I’m using a Clear Improvement mask based on white china and charcoal.It’s more of a silver grey in colour than the black I expected it to be and it’s a lovely smooth texture. It’s beautiful on and it has a slight tightening effect as it dries on the skin.

I didn’t have to use the whole of the 5ml pot so instead of four face masks in the sample container I bought there could potentially be eight face masks if I can seal up the pot again.Wouldn’t that be awesome for $10? A whole tube of the mask is only $29, so that seems quite reasonable for the amount of product it contains (100ml / 1.7oz / 3.4oz).


Yes, the mask is really tightening up now. I feel as if I tried to open my mouth the mask would crack; I love these types of things. It reminds me of my primary /elementary school days in the art room and brushing the PVA glue over the backs of my hands and letting it dry on my skin. Wish it was a peel off mask – that would have made it the ultimate mask, but alas it’s a wash off type. I’ve taken a couple of really flattering photos of myself for fun.

Got to go wash off the mask and find my beautiful skin underneath. Back in a moment.

First things first. Do not use a light yellow face cloth to wash the mask off… it seems to stain the fabric with the greyness. Drats. The best thing was that it did make the satisfying cracking marks across my face as I smiled before I washed it off.

But you know what? I think that mask has made a difference to my pores on my nose. They seem finer than they were before. Whilst they are visibly reduced they haven’t totally disappeared or anything so fabulous, but I think that if I use the product on a continual basis the pores will grow smaller and smaller. My skin feels cleaner; refreshed somehow.

Oh… that was worthwhile I think. Do you use face masks? Whats your favourite brand and what do you like about it?


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