The Loveliest Store in the World


For a spot of madness Bronwen and I went to look at Nordstrom’s; I have to tell you, I am not their key demographic. I am not rich enough by far too ever shop in there, but we had decided to look at the perfumes, because I haven’t looked at new perfumes in years and I’m so out of date with all the new releases. And in the end, all stores carry perfumes at the same price because they are set by the suppliers. So it was a safe place to look, no?

I met with the most delightful sales lady, but I didn’t get her name (she didn’t wear a badge) but honestly, she made Nordstrom’s the loveliest department store I have ever been in. She shared that the first perfume she bought after working at Nordstroms for two weeks was a perfume priced at $375…. Oh. My. Gawd! I’ve never been to a store that stocks such exclusive perfumes before. (But I want to go again.) And I had no idea, but Nordstrom’s stock Jo Molone…. JO MOLONE! I was speechless as I’ve only every heard of the brand and heard the hype but thought I was going to have to go to the UK to ever get close to a bottle. I had no idea that it was here in Canada. But they have a huge range and I smelt every bottle they had on offer. I fell in love with two different perfumes, one of peonies  and the other of tuberose; I was in sniffers heaven.

But the sales lady wouldn’t hear of me making a decision on the spot. Instead she gave me two samples of the fragrances that I was wowed by, some hand cream in the peony scent and then another sample of a tuberose perfume that just blew me away. Then, on top of such goodness, she offered me a special event for Saturday. I’m going to have a 45 minute facial and my makeup done and then a Jo Molone hand massage. Just the thought of all that makes my head swoon. And the best part… it’s complimentary. >cue inner squealing happy girl images here<  I’m so excited. I haven’t done anything so girly in a long time.

But that’s what having cancer has taught me; seize every moment and make the best of it. Wonderful things will come your way. Don’t waste time because it can be cut too short so easily. Stop worrying about what others are going to think and just jump into the deep end.


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