Beauty Vloggers and Saturday Shopping

A model using laptop computer

I’ve basically spent the day watching beauty blogger/vloggers; let’s hear it for summer holidays. It is a personal weakness I must confess to look at pots and bottles and tubes and the like of all things beauty related. If I had an unlimited bank account I would spend a lot more money on beauty related products than I currently do, so I live vicariously and watch Beauty Gurus on You Tube. I’ve been aware that I tend to watch a lot of British based vloggers, but when I tried to find Canadian based people to watch You Tube searches took me to a host of Australian vloggers – weird huh? I did find a few Canadian women doing beauty stuff, but they didn’t really gel with me; not to the point that I wanted to hit the subscribe button. I wasn’t so impressed with their speaking style and what they were saying about the products they were reviewing was dull and uninteresting.

The annoying thing about watching beauty vloggers from other countries is that they have access to brands and products that you just can’t get here in Canada; annoying because I find myself wishing I could try the products that they have on show. Also, I must confess I get a fit of the giggles when a sweet dewy faced 20-something talks on and on about wrinkle creams. Wow has the advertising people done a good job on scaring young women about getting old and having wrinkles. You shouldn’t have to start using wrinkle cream in your 20s. There. I’ve said it. Wrinkle creams should come into existence around 38 and beyond. A 23 year old should only be worried about skin care and pimples, not flipping wrinkles.

Having said that, if I could get a hold of Sunday Riley products I’d love to see what all the fuss was about as so many of the vloggers I watch use her merchandise. Ok look at that… her products are in Sephora – looks like I’m going to be doing some shopping this weekend!


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