The First Post

Hello! Or maybe I should say G’day which is what everyone expects an Aussie to say. But I don’t generally say g’day, so does that mean I have to turn in my Aussie Citizenship Card at the front door? Hmmmm. I’m currently living in Canada which generally I love, but don’t ask me about the winters, because then I’m not so sold on the whole Canada concept. Brrrrrrrrrr.

I’m just your typical overworked, under paid single mother to a fabulous ten year old daughter who I will introduce you to later.  I plan to talk about life. Well ok… to be more specific, I’ll probably talk about fashion which I loveLove LOVE, or beauty products because I’m a bit girly and I’ll also talk about size acceptance, because I’m rather curvy. But I will be more serious at times so I’ll also talk about such things as my battle against ovarian cancer, in which I am a prize fighter. Or I’ll also talk about things such as human rights, feminism and domestic violence…. oooh its a mixed lolly bag with me!

Don’t be shy in talking to me; I’m a real chatterbox at heart.


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